Student Services

  • Learn about the SAT and ACT tests - and prepare for them
  • Participate in at least 75 hours of Volunteer Activities
  • Understand the results of your Myers-Briggs personality assessment
  • Use the results of your Career Assessment to start narrowing down
    the careers / majors that are most attractive to you
Things that frequently "turn students off" during the college years are things like:

  • Finding yourself in the wrong major, and feeling like you've waisted valuable time
  • Feeling trapped in a school environment that is too big / too small for your preference
  • Lack of access to extracurricular interests and activities you enjoy
  • Limited access to professors or classes

A "bad college fit" can create major stress and cost you a great deal in both time and money.
We want to help you to avoid some of the pitfalls, and become empowered to create the kind
of college experience you will feel good about.
The sooner you start planning for your college
experience, the more rewarding it will be.
in AND the school environment that best fits your learning style
  • Stay active in sports, clubs, and participate in Volunteer opportunities
  • Keep lines of communication open with your teachers, as they will be
    valuable resources throughout the admission process
  • Conduct lots of college visits to refine your preferences
In addition, you will want to...
While most scholarships come directly from the accepting colleges, it can be
worth your time to place your information on a scholarship search engine.
You may want to get registered on one or all of the ones below: