Free College Planning Consultation to workshop attendees

Through the American College Planning Foundation, Miles &
Letha Costin provide free consultations for parents
and their college
bound students. This meeting provides:

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculation for parents
Myers-Briggs Assessment for the student(s)
"Next Step" Ideas and suggestions for the family
Our Services
Free College Planning Workshop
    In this workshop, families learn about:

Selection, admissions, and funding issues with both public and
private schools
Achieving the best "fit" in both career and college choices for
your student
Positioning students so that scholarships, grants and other free
money can find them
Reducing college costs, regardless of your income
Essay Writing Workshop
    Did you know...

  • An essay can make-or-break your acceptance into a college?  
  • Your essay is your "voice" in the college application?
  • Scholarships & Grants can find you as a direct result of your

    Come away with great essay ideas, rough drafts, essay
    "Do's and Don'ts," and much more!

About your Facilitator: Letha Costin spent many years writing technical training
manuals for "non-technical" readers. She is also an Award Winning Songwriter.
In this interactive workshop, she takes students on an introspective journey that
helps them find their own writing voice.