What is a CCPS
What is a Certified College Planning Specialist?

A CCPS is a financial professional who has met the rigorous
certification requirements specified by the
National Institute of
Certified College Planners (NICCP). They have received extensive
training and are up to date on yearly continued education
requirements in college planning strategies. A CCPS also possesses
the skills and experience necessary to build an effective, integrated
college plan for you.

Their are literally hundreds of ways to get college paid for, and a
CCPS is qualified to identify the strategies that apply to your situation.
These strategies include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Saving for college in "college friendly" ways
  • Utilization of 529 Plans, UTMAS & Coverdells
  • Paying for college without abandoning other financial
    priorities - such as retirement saving
  • Proper use of loans
  • EFC Reduction strategies
  • Academic & Admission Strategies
  • Scholarship and Grant resources
  • Advanced Tax Strategies

There is no need to be overwhelmed. The specialized training and
experience of a CCPS will identify the areas that will provide the
strongest benefits for your family, and present you with an
implementation plan.
The more you know...
The less you pay!